Global Compact on Migration: What are the next steps for local and regional governments?

Few months ahead of its approval, where does the first negotiated intergovernmental agreement stand on covering all dimensions of international migration in a comprehensive manner?  How does it, integrate and respond to the needs and expectations of Local and Regional Governments in terms of migr

Migration in cities: A global scenario with local impacts needs a multi-actors cooperation

“What you see in our “Maison de la Métropole” (house of the Metropolis) is a sketch of reinforced cooperation in the metropolitan area - what we call our new metropolitan solidarity outline”. This was the welcome statement of Pa

International Migrants Day: Cities and migrants a shared opportunity for a better integration

On the occasion of the International Migrants Day, UCLG and its members, reaffirm our commitment to the Mechelen Declaration.

Cities of the Future, where Local Authorities Lead on Migration

The Global Conference on Cities and Migration was held in Mechelen, Belgium (16-17 November).

Mayors and governors from around the world adopted the Mechelen Declaration on Cities and Migration

The Global Conference on Cities and Migration was held in Mechelen, Belgium (16-17 November).

After Habitat III and ahead of the Global Compact of Migration, Belgian government and the city of Mechelen host global conference on “Cities and Migration”

The Belgian government and the city of Mechelen will host a “Global Conference on Cities and Migrants” on the 16th and 17th of November 2017, together with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the

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#Cities4Migration: The High-Level Conference in Beirut addresses migration as an urban phenomenon

On 7 and 8 November 2017 the closing days of the Mediterranean City to City Migration project (MC2CM) project were held at the Beit Beirut Museum, which is

#Cities4Migration: November, a month for solidarity with migrants in UCLG

November will see two major global events on migration; a Mediterranean City-to-City Migration High Level Conference from 7-8 November in Beirut (Lebanon), and


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