Towards the Lampedusa Charter - Executive Bureau UCLG

Following the two consultations, the main session of the UCLG Executive Bureau advanced the Lampedusa proposal in its Business Session and mandated the World Secretariat to facilitate further processes of consult

Join the #ItTakesACommunity global campaign for community-driven approaches to human mobility and diversity

Since the campaign launch and with its continuation into 2021, UCLG, through its Mediterranean City-to-City Migration (MC2

Cities Are Listening - Towards the Lampedusa Charter

"Today we come together to give a boost to this Lampedusa Charter, which is deeply rooted in the spirit of UCLG. We are a small dot on the map, yet Lampedusa has a big heart and great ambition.

Local and Regional Governments to helm key roles at the Thirteenth Global Forum on Migration and Development Summit

The Thirteenth GFMD Summit is the culmination of a year-long process that has incorporated six Regional Consultations, three Friends of

Around 60 cities join the 2020 Regional Consultations of the Global Forum for Migration and Development (GFMD)

Cities from all over the world, gathered around the Mayors Mechanism (steered by UCLG, IOM and MMC), claimed their space in global migration governance and advocated for strengthening multi-level and multi-stakeholde

UNICEF launches a toolkit for local responses to protect displaced children in COVID-19

The guide COVID-19 and Migrant and Displaced Children: What Local Governments Can Do? compiles initiatives from different cities around the world

Urban migration at the time of COVID 19: Cities as labs for more inclusive societies

Cities are on the frontline to fight the battle against COVID-19, and many of them are making a significant effort to do it in an inclusive way. Providing care to all citizens, especially to the most vulnerable, is what is at stake today.



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