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Ensuring income and investment in local service provision is critical for global recovery
The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting local service provision throughout the world. The Live Learning Session on local finance highlighted how essential it is for local and regional governments to have access to finance and to bring all stakeholders together in order to protect global resources and promote the universal development agendas now in the midst of the crisis, and during the aftermath. (+)
UCLG joins a global call on the importance of the continuity of public transport during and beyond the crisis
mobility, urban transport - 26/04/2020
UCLG, together with the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and the International Union of Railways (UIC,) joined forces with UITP and adopted a joint global statement to call for the important recognition that local public servants and local transit authorities deserve in maintaining local public services in operation via public transportation.   (+)
The cultural mobilization in the COVID-19 pandemic
The COVID-19 crisis is having an impact on every dimension of our lives, including the cultural life of  cities all around the world. The Live Learning  Session on culture and COVID-19 aimed at better understanding how cities and local governments are reacting to the crisis. (+)
UCLG and CIB support local and regional governments in the preparation of their VNR contributions!
UCLG Learning Agenda - 23/04/2020
Through this month, UCLG and the UCLG Capacity and Institution Building Working Group have organized a series of webinars – facilitated by UCLG Learning and UCLG GOLD - on the role of Local and Regional Governments and their associations in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) reporting process. The three webinars gathered members and partners of the network to discuss successes and challenges regarding SDG reporting and how the local and regional level can be well-represented at this year’s HLPF. (+)
UCLG Presidency sets a Decalogue for the COVID-19 aftermath
The UCLG network, its membership, secretariats and the community it represents has been living and working differently. As World Organization the day-to-day is dedicated to bringing useful tools and materials to the membership, inspiring them on how to address the needs of the communities in the worst of the pandemic. It is now also time to think of the future and set a roadmap for transformation in post COVID era. Local and regional governments are ready to lead that discussion and the UCLG Presidency has agreed on a Decalogue as the basis for future steps. (+)
- 20/04/2020
As the level of government that is closest to citizens, local and regional governments bear the greatest responsibility for “leaving no one behind”, regardless of people’s legal status. (+)