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- 25/05/2020
On behalf of the Presidency of the World Organization of United Cities and Local Governments and our members around the globe, we would like to commend the critical role that the World Health Organization is playing during the COVID-19 pandemic. (+)
Women’s leadership will be critical for rethinking the future in the post-COVID-19 era
genderequality, UCLG Women - 08/05/2020
The COVID-19 crisis is affecting women and men differently. The twelfth thematic live learning experience provided an opportunity for local and regional women leaders from across the world to outline their key strategies, concerns and experiences, recalling their critical role on the frontlines of the crisis. (+)
Guaranteeing equity and access to all in the post-COVID era
- 22/05/2020
Despite the best efforts of many local leaders, our cities are generally not designed with everybody in mind. (+)
- 05/05/2020
Local and regional governments are playing a key innovative role in giving impetus to the maintenance and reactivation of local economic development systems. They are taking the lead in providing financial support to economic actors as well as to the most vulnerable citizens by fostering social dialogue together with civil society in the economic recovery. (+)
- 15/05/2020
Local public delivery is often overlooked in the public debate, but it is a critical aspect of how we live especially during the pandemic. Public workers on the frontline have carried out their essential tasks, which have been critical to support the implementation of sanitary measures.  The thirteenth thematic live learning experience paid attention to the important role of public workers and to hear the perspective of local governments and workers experience as the first line of public provision. (+)
Leading-edge governments, webinar on crisis management and SDGs implementation
gobiernos locales - 04/05/2020
UCLG's Secretary General, Emilia Saiz, was invited to be part of this virtual seminar that brings together 21 experts to share their governance experience and knowledge specifically on issues of crisis management, implementation of Sustainable Development Goals, and successful governance plans. (+)