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- 14/05/2012
The activities on learning exchange and mentoring between cities continue to grow, especially in the African context. Nonetheless, the interest and commitment to further extend peer learning in developing and developed countries will be considered for inclusion in the UCLG agenda.   The CityFuture... (+)
- 04/05/2012
Representatives of local governments from eight ASEAN countries came together on the 3rd and 4th of May in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in the framework of “the Regional conference on Strengthening decentralization and local governance in ASEAN countries through a Multi- Stakeholder Approach”. The... (+)
- 04/05/2012
The first meeting of the Comparative Study on Metropolitan Governance, a Metropolis Initiative led by the Secretariat for Metropolitan Development in the State of São Paulo, with technical support from Empresa Paulista de Planificación Metropolitana SA (Emplasa), will take place in the... (+)
- 03/05/2012
Nearly 200 representatives of local and central governments, regional and international organizations and members of the Tunisian National Constituent Assembly gathered in Tunis, Tunisia on 28-30 May 2012 to debate on decentralization and the constitutional process in Tunisia. The conference was jointly... (+)
- 23/04/2012
With the support of the Ford Foundation and Cities Alliance, the local and regional authorities networks and partners agreed on 22 April on joint messages that were presented to the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki Moon.  The joint messages stress the importance of acknowledging the... (+)
- 18/04/2012
UCLG notes the installation of the UEMOA Council of the Local Governments, an important advance for dialogue between local and regional authorities and regional institutions in Africa. Thanks to the mobilization of the national local governments associations (Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte D’... (+)