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Climate Resilience and Urban Development
- 13/02/2020
Key Lessons from peer learning in Niteroi, Brazil now available here. (+)
- 12/02/2020
Over 500 participants gathered at the World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments, convened by the Global Taskforce facilitated by UCLG, on Saturday, 8th February in Abu Dhabi. Structured around three moments, 50 speakers, ranging from local and regional governments, national governments, and other stakeholders, exchanged perspectives, provided practices and examples, and laid out recommendations to the World Urban Forum in the dialogues that took place. (+)
UCLG visits Grenoble to reflect on citizenship and migration in the framework of the MC2CM project
Migration - 24/01/2020
In the framework of the MC2CM project, UCLG, the city of Grenoble and IFRI met at the Maison de l'International on 16 January 2020 to reflect on the issue of migration and citizenship. This visit marks the start of the process of developing Grenoble's migration profile, aimed at strengthening rights-based and evidence-based local governance. (+)
 Local governments forge spaces for dialogue with national governments at the Global Forum on Migration and Development
Migration - 31/01/2020
In the framework of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (Quito, 20-24 January), the 6th Forum of Mayors and Mobility and Development brought together on January 22nd more than 80 local representatives from 56 cities. Through the Mayors Mechanism, for the first time local governments sat down at the table with national governments and international organizations to claim their central role in migration governance and to call for concrete steps towards the multilevel governance promoted by the Global Compact on Migration. (+)
UCLG stands in Solidarity during Coronavirus Outbreak
- 28/01/2020
The UCLG Presidency and members from all around the world stand in solidarity with the people of the city of Wuhan and its local government authorities who are showing extraordinary efforts to face the coronavirus outbreak. (+)
The President of UCLG, and Mayor of Al Hoceima, Mohamed Boudra, visited the United Nations for the first time as President of the World Organization, to talk with the head of the UN about the transformation needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how, in the implementation decade, the local and regional governments constituency is a key partner for this to happen. (+)