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The UCLG-Ubuntu Advisory Board kicked off in the framework of the UCLG Retreat
UBUNTU, UCLG Retreat - 19/02/2019
The Executive Bureau in Strasbourg agreed to set up an Advisory System for UCLG that should support UCLG facing global issues, and help the international development system understand the institutional implications of achieving genuine localization as well as help shift the role of local governments within this system. Under the name “UBUNTU”, the South African notion that sees the community as the building blocks of humanity, the Advisory Board came to life, with the aim of playing a role as intermediaries for the Presidency. Said advisory board would further provide pointed advice in various fields, as well as informal and formal support on the various dimensions of the international development agenda, and helping define the organization going into the future. The Group can also help ensure that regional specificities and nuances become integrated into the global work of the World Organization. (+)
On our way to the Feast of the Municipal Movement
UCLG Congress - 15/02/2019
The Fifth UCLG Retreat and Campus helped lay the groundwork for the UCLG Congress and Summit, which will take place in Durban in November 2019. During the course of the Retreat, the themes and the structure of the Congress were touched upon by the participants and the Presidency of the World Organization. (+)
International Municipal Investment Fund: Call for expressions of interest from cities and local governments
Finanzas locales, Finance - 30/01/2019
The International Municipal Investment Fund, a joint initiative of UNCDF and UCLG in collaboration with FMDV, is one of the essential components of UCLG's renewed global strategy on the localization of financing in support of sustainable urbanization, which was adopted by the Executive Bureau in Strasbourg in May 2018. It aims to facilitate access to financing for local government capital investment projects on national and international financial markets. (+)
The call for applications for the UCLG Peace Prize 2019 has officially opened
awards, local governments - 30/01/2019
Local and regional governments are invited to participate in the UCLG Peace Prize, which every three years rewards successful initiatives undertaken by local governments worldwide that implement strategies for conflict prevention, peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction, and to encourage others to follow suit. Moreover, it aims at generating international public attention to innovative and high impact initiatives by local governments towards peacebuilding and the creation of dialogue. (+)
Putting into practice the new Learning Module 2 on Territorial Planning to achieve the SDGs in Santiago de Chile!
UCLG participated actively in the summer school organized by the Chilean Local Government Association (AChM) which took place from the 21th to 25 January in Santiago de Chile.  The event gathered 45 mayors and councilors for a whole week to work together on SDG localization.  The format was developed in partnership with CEPAL (Economic Commission for Latin America), UNDP Chile, FLACMA, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and UCLG. (+)
The Final Report of the Venice 2030-Financing the SDGs has just been released!
The Final Report of the meeting "Venice City Solutions 2030 - Financing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at Local Level held on 16 and 17 November 2018 in Venice, has just been published. The document gathers and showcases the conclusions and recommendations of participants representing local and regional authorities, as well as national governments, United Nations agencies and development banks who participated in this event. The objective was to identify on-going experiences, collect data and propose solutions to the issue of financing the implementation of the SDGs at the local level. (+)